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This page may take time to load do to the amount of images
Thank you for your patience.

Let's start by opening a new mail

and since we are going to be working with HTML source, let's make sure we have our source edit on by going to View, then click on the Source Edit

After you do this, you should have three tabs at the bottom of your email....

Edit is where we create main section of our email, the part we always see even before we clicked the Source Edit on.
Source is where you will find all the HTML coding that makes up your email message.
Preview will show you what it looks like and how it all works together.

Now let's start to actually make our sig tag....

With your email open and completely blank to start with, choose your font you want to use, color, size......

Now type you name on your email.  Highlight your name, and click on insert hyperlink button

This will bring up a new box

For a email address you want to choose the mailto: tag.  After you choose that tag you want to type in your email address just like below

Now.... let's add a graphic under our name

Place your cursor where you want the graphic to appear under your name tag that you have created so far.  Then click the insert picture box.

NOTE:  I will suggest that you store all graphics that you want to use in your sig tag or in stationery at
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery
This works best because your Outlook Express Email Browser is programed to look there for graphics first.

When you click on the insert picture button, you will get this next box

click the browse button, find the graphic you would like to use, and then click the OK button.

The body of your email in still in the Edit tab, should look something like this now


Have a webpage you want everyone to find, you can add a link to that webpage to your graphic.  Start by clicking on the graphic and then clicking the insert hyperlink button again


You will once again get the box asking you what type of URL you want

For a link to a webpage address, you want to choose the http: tag

and then just type in your webpage address, and click ok.

Now at this point you could click on the Preview tab.  You will see in Preview that if you now click on your name (where you created your mailto: tag) that it will bring up and email addressed to you.  If you click on the graphic, it should take you to the webpage that you assigned to it.

Now that we created this all..... how do we save it?
From the Source tab!

Click on your source tab, and you will find something similar to this

written into this source code you will find an tag and a   tag..

What is between these two tags is what we want to save.  Start at one tag and click, dragging your mouse, to highlight everything until the end of the other tag

once you have EVERYTHING from the tag to the tag highlighted, click edit, then copy.

Now we need to open our notepad  program, and then paste all that you copied into your notepad.

Once you have it pasted into notepad, click file, then save as (important to use save as and not save, as save will automatically save it as a text file, and we want to save it as a html file)

In the save as box, you want to type in your name for your sigtag and be sure to put .html at the end of it, this will make notepad save it as a html file instead of a text file (don't forget the .  )

and then save it where you can find it.

Now to use your new sig tag, in Outlook express, click on "tools"  then on "Options"   once in options box click on the tab that says "signatures"   click on new, and then instead of text, click the one that says file..... browse to where you saved the  html file that you just created and select it.

Let me know how you do!!!